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Erick Nielsen’s grandfather, Carl Gottfried Erickson (“Dot”) was born in America to his Swedish immigrant family in Nebraska, coming from the East Coast in covered wagons. He began developing the existing ranch in 1909 with a small dairy and poultry operation as well as prune, almond, olive and orange orchards. Erick’s family been involved in custom farming for many years; Dot had a commercial steam threshing operation during his stay on the ranch.

In the 1940’s, Lloyd Nielsen (Erick’s father began leasing the ranch from his father-in-law and continued to farm it until the mid-1970’s.

Erick Nielsen Enterprises, Inc. was started in 1972 by Erick and his wife Margie. As his business and family began to grow, he purchased the ranch from his father in 1976. Erick is a third generation farmer in Glenn County, California and has further expanded the acreage, now farming prunes and olives. We proudly market our fruit through Sunsweet Growers Inc. and Musco Family Olive Co. The primary focus of ENE is providing custom orchard services that include prune and pistachio harvesting and orchard topping, hedging and skirting.

“Heart and Soul” of the company

It is important to point out the motivating factors and general attitude of the company. We are all of one mind in this sense. Everyone here feels strongly about these core principles, whatever task or area we find ourselves in:

-   Do it right
-   Do it well
-   Make it right for our customers
-   Enjoy our work
-   Provide for our families

Our appreciation for the members of the ENE family cannot be emphasized enough. As Erick says, when questioned about farming vs. manufacturing, machines are not living, but trees can grow and mature by the grace of God. In like manner, ENE is truly built on wonderful people, not sophisticated, lifeless machinery. We want to express our gratitude and thanks for all of the hard work and integrity displayed by the Bentz, Collins, Duran, Esquivel, Espino, Hernandez, Hiebert, Nuñez Odom, Parra, Perez, Rosales, Tangeman, Treviño and Vallejo families. Your dedication and friendship is so important to us. Enjoy the pictures below, noting the evolution of the equipment as well as the people.


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Erick and Margie Nielsen with young family. A young ENE family.
Lloyd Machine and some of the people of ENE. Brook and Matt with Magica.
Erick and Hilary with the S'more machine. Rosendo, Erick, and Chevy with a double cross-hedger.
Erick, Jose Luis, and crew to bring Ashley machine to life!
Our youngest driver, Joshy! Manicured olive rows (mechanically pruned).
V-Topping in prunes (cuts a 'V' in the center. Hilary machine (single bar).
The difference in lighting provided by hedging. Dense hedging operations, improved lighting.


Harvest will be here before we know it! If you are interested in our Prune or Pistachio Harvesting Services, please contact Erick or Hilary for more information. We are in the midst of manufacturing and repairing equipment as well as conducting supervisory and safety training sessions for our employees.