Pistachio Harvesting

We design and manufacture some of the most sophisticated harvesting in the world to operate in our own custom fleet, giving us a great edge to execute the best balance between practical, reliable equipment and state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

This balance is imperative during the harvest season, when down-time is strictly forbidden but efficiency and speed are everyone’s goal.

Loading Pistachios in Trailers with Bankout & Elevator

harvesting pistachios

Reciever transfer & Bulk tank in pistachio harvest

Depending on your needs and preference, we can harvest using standard bin conveyance or bulk-style conveyance. We have developed our bankouts and bulk trailers to be the industry’s largest capacity, most space-efficient machinery to-date. In addition, the double-belt conveyor in our bulk trailers allows us to deliver clean, undamaged product to the processor.

As the California Pistachio industry continues to set record crops, ENE is committed to address the upcoming challenges as they arise. Over the past 10 years we have utilized computer-aided shaking pattern design giving us the superior insight necessary to quickly adjust the pattern from orchard to orchard.

The most sophisticated machinery is of little use without the right people to properly operate it and make the judgment-calls that are so critical to a productive harvest operation. Our crews are comprised of experienced and talented personnel who are constantly improving with the aid of training courses in such areas as safety, first-aid & CPR, hydraulic systems and management courses, just to name a few. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, taking a systematic approach to deliver the complete, high quality service our customers have come to expect.


Harvest will be here before we know it! If you are interested in our Prune or Pistachio Harvesting Services, please contact Erick or Hilary for more information. We are in the midst of manufacturing and repairing equipment as well as conducting supervisory and safety training sessions for our employees.