Prune Harvesting

 ENE has been providing holistic orchard services for California Prune growers for the last 4 decades.

We offer:

  • Mechanical Harvesting
  • Pre-season Mechanical Fruit Thinning
  • In-Field Sizing
  • Trucking Coordination
  • Overall Harvest Coordination

L-Style ReceiverS

L-Style receiver In Prune Harvest

Fixed Deck Shaker

We take a balanced view of equipment design and build our machinery with robust reliability and operational efficiency as the over-arching goals. Our L-style receivers integrate a continuous-flow bar sizer which accomplishes cost-effective removal of small fruit before the fruit has even left the field. Our shakers come equipped with one of the most efficient shaking heads and support systems in the industry. The shaker heads are capable of not only delivering high-power patterns to the tree, which enables us to shake larger trees and smaller trees, but we deliver that power efficiently due to time-tested interfacing to the trunk, while doing so for long durations with our active cooling system. We adjust our shaking patterns using proprietary software developed in-house to efficiently remove product from young and old trees.

Excellent machinery is only part of the equation, so we are proud to work with experienced supervisors and crews that demonstrate integrity in their work. Many of the crew members and operators are seasonal employees, and we enjoy this extended family; most of this family has been with us for over 15 years. We take training very seriously, and there are many ongoing training programs that crews participate in, such as health/safety and fire/safety, among others.


2018 Ag Farm Shows are rapidly approaching! We are excited to be exhibiting again at the Colusa Farm Show on February 6th – 8th. You can’t miss us in the parking lot at space #614! Then the following week, Tulare World Ag Expo is February 13th – 15th and we will be in spaces L21 and L23. Mark your calendars and make sure to stop by and say hello! We are looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting the new faces and catching up with everyone.